Nitish Jaddu

Nitish Jaddu

Color Loop Sort

  • Production DateApril 2022
  • CompanyFlick Game Studios
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Game Design

As a game designer on the Puzzle Color Sorting game, "Color Loop Sort", my main role was to come up with the overall concept and design of the game. This included determining the gameplay mechanics, level design, and user interface (UI).

UI Design

In addition to my role as a game designer, I also served as the UI designer for "Color Loop Sort". This involved creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface that would allow players to easily navigate the game and access its various features.


One of the key challenges I faced during the production of "Color Loop Sort" was to create a simple yet engaging gameplay mechanic that would keep players hooked. I spent a lot of time experimenting with different mechanics and ultimately settled on the color sorting mechanic, which proved to be a great fit for the game.

Another challenge I faced was in creating the levels for the game. I had to carefully balance the difficulty of each level to ensure that players were consistently challenged, but not frustrated. I also had to come up with interesting level designs that would keep players engaged and motivated to continue playing.

Overall, my experience as a game designer on "Color Loop Sort" was both challenging and rewarding. I am proud of the final product we were able to create and am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on such a fun and engaging game.

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