Nitish Jaddu

Nitish Jaddu

Draw Bee

  • Production DateNovember 2022
  • CompanyFlick Game Studios
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Game Design

As a game designer, my role in the production of the fun 2D puzzle game, "Draw Bee", was to come up with the overall concept and design of the game. This included determining the gameplay mechanics, level design, and user interface (UI).


One of the biggest challenges I faced during the production of "Draw Bee" was in designing the levels for the game. This involved creating a wide range of obstacles and challenges for players to overcome, as well as ensuring a smooth and satisfying gameplay experience. Through collaboration with the development team, we were able to create a diverse set of levels that offered a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience for players.

Another challenge I faced was in designing the game UI. This included creating intuitive and user-friendly menus, buttons, and icons, as well as ensuring a smooth user experience throughout the game. With persistence and attention to detail, we were able to create a clean and intuitive UI that enhanced the overall gameplay experience.

In addition to the gameplay and UI design, I also worked on the game's character and obstacle design. This involved creating unique and engaging visual elements that added to the overall fun and charm of the game. It was a challenging process, but in the end, we were able to create a game with engaging and adorable characters and obstacles that players loved.

Overall, my role as a game designer, level designer, and UI designer on "Draw Bee" was crucial in bringing the game to life. It was a challenging but rewarding experience, and I am proud of the final product we were able to create.

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