Nitish Jaddu

Nitish Jaddu

Draw Road

  • Production DateApril 2022
  • CompanyFlick Game Studios
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Game Design

As the game designer, I was responsible for overseeing the overall vision and direction of the game. This included creating the game concept, defining the gameplay mechanics and rules, and ensuring that the game was fun and engaging for players.


One of the key challenges faced was landing the perfect 2D toon art style for the game. After experimenting with various styles, ultimately settled on a whimsical and vibrant look that perfectly captured the spirit of the game.

Working on the 2D art from scratch, I had to create all of the art assets for the game, including characters, environments, and Obstacles. This required a strong artistic eye and a lot of creativity to come up with unique and appealing designs. with.

One of the main gameplay mechanics in "Draw2Drive" is the ability for the player to draw a path to cover the gap between the start and end point of each level. We had to carefully design each level to ensure that this mechanic was used in interesting and challenging ways.

Level Design
As the level designer, I was responsible for designing and creating the various levels and environments in the game. This included determining the layout of each level, placing obstacles and rewards, and setting up challenges for the player to overcome.

UI designer
As the UI designer, I was responsible for designing the user interface for the game. This included creating menus, buttons, and other on-screen elements that players would use to interact with the game. I had to create a clean and intuitive UI that would make the game easy to play for players of all skill levels.

Despite the technical challenges, We were able to complete the project in under a week with the help of the development team. The final product was a fun and engaging 2D platform game. Overall, my work as a game designer, level designer, and UI designer played a crucial role in the development of "Draw2Drive" and helped to create a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

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