Nitish Jaddu

Nitish Jaddu

Fang - Weapon Design Concept



TThe "Fang" is a high-risk, high-reward pistol designed to cater to skilled players who excel in precise aiming. It offers a unique and aggressive gameplay experience, where venomous shots can deliver lethal one-shot headshots and three-shot kills at any distance. This weapon does not feature an Aim Down Sight (ADS) mechanic, emphasizing its fast-paced and skill-based nature.

Design Concept

Overall Design: The "Fang" pistol has a sleek and menacing design, inspired by the sharp and deadly fangs of a venomous snake. It features a compact and ergonomic body with angular contours and a textured grip for enhanced handling. The weapon's color scheme predominantly consists of a matte black finish with accents of vibrant green, representing the venomous nature of its shots.

Reactive Elimination System: The "Fang" pistol incorporates a reactive elimination system that enhances the weapon's power and provides audio and visual feedback to the player. Upon achieving three consecutive eliminations, the pistol enters the Bloodlust Surge mode, empowering the player with increased damage and firing speed.

Audio Feedback: When the "Fang" pistol enters the Bloodlust Surge mode, it emits a distinct growling sound, reminiscent of a venomous snake preparing to strike its prey. This audio cue intensifies the player's experience, creating a sense of power and dominance on the battlefield.

Visual Feedback: To visually represent the Bloodlust Surge mode, the "Fang" pistol undergoes a transformation. The weapon's matte black surface pulsates with an intensified green glow, symbolizing the surge of power coursing through it. Additionally, the weapon's grip may feature a subtle animation, resembling the coiling and uncoiling of a snake, further emphasizing its reactive nature.

Gameplay Mechanics:

Venomous Shots: The "Fang" pistol's primary fire mode delivers venomous shots that can instantly eliminate opponents with a well-placed headshot. Additionally, it takes three shots to kill an opponent regardless of distance. This mechanic rewards players who possess exceptional aim and precision.

Unpredictable Burst: The pistol's secondary fire mode is a burst shot that can be activated by right-clicking. The burst fires a rapid succession of shots in a controlled spread pattern, allowing players to quickly dispatch enemies at close to medium range.

Disruptive Technique: The alternate fire mode provides a different tactical option and can be toggled using a dedicated key. This mode unleashes a powerful and disruptive effect, such as a concussive blast or a temporary disorientation effect, providing skilled players with opportunities to outmaneuver opponents.

Bloodlust Surge: Successful eliminations or consecutive hits trigger the Bloodlust Surge, empowering the "Fang" pistol with increased firing speed or enhanced damage for a limited time. This mechanic further rewards skilled players, allowing them to maintain momentum and dominance on the battlefield.

Audio and Visual Feedback

Audio: The "Fang" pistol emits a distinct, sharp sound when firing, reflecting its lethal nature. Eliminating enemies with a venomous shot or burst fire is accompanied by a satisfying audio cue, rewarding players for their skillful execution.

Visuals: A venomous shot is visually represented by a unique effect, such as a trail of green energy or a subtle glow around the bullet's path. The burst fire mode is visually showcased through a controlled spread pattern, allowing players to assess their shots and adjust their aim accordingly. The activation of Bloodlust Surge is accompanied by a visual indication, such as an intensified glow or a pulsating aura surrounding the weapon.

Inspirational Source:

The design of the Serpent's Fang pistol draws inspiration from the dark and sadistic personality of the character Bellatrix Lestrange, known for her unwavering loyalty, sadism, and unpredictability. While the weapon is not directly connected to her origin or the Harry Potter universe, it captures the essence of her personality in a unique and alternate context.

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